EV Extend: Extending Electric Vehicle Capabilities

About EV Extend

Made in America EV Extend was founded in 2012. Our mission is to provide a range of products and solutions that help to advance and encourage the widespread use of electric vehicles. We aim to accomplish this by providing innovative solutions to both the residential and commercial sectors. For EV owners, we wish to unlock the full potential of your electric vehicle using our custom solutions. For business wishing to help support the use of electric vehicles, we are creating new solutions that will enable you by providing lower cost, high value charging infrastructure options.

Made in America

On-site Solar Power All EV Extend products listed are designed and manufactured in the United States. Whenever possible, we work to purchase components for our products that are also made in America. For example, the wiring and ring terminals that comprise our inverter kits are manufactured in the United States.

Powered by Renewable Energy

Our facilities are 100% powered by renewable energy, with over 80% of our energy provided by on-site solar power generation. The remaining renewable energy purchased is from wind power.