Commercial Level 1 Power Station
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  • Electrical outlet designed specifically for EV Charging
  • Weatherproof enclosure for holding portable EV charger
  • Includes locking mechanism to prevent portable charger theft
  • Reflective signage on enclosure draws attention to EV owners
  • Less than half the cost of popular Level 2 charging alternatives
  • No monitoring software means no yearly maintenance fees
  • Ideal for long-duration (4+ hours) charging for company employees, hotel guests, airports, bus and train terminals
The EVEX-L1ENC is a cost effective alternative to expensive higher voltage charging stations for electric vehicles.  This “Level 1 Charging Station” allows electric vehicle owners to charge vehicles using their own portable charging system that comes with all EV’s sold today.

This system uses a standard style 120V “household-style” outlet specifically made for electric vehicle charging.  Its slower charge times are ideal for companies wishing to provide charging to their employees.  This is also a great solution for businesses where customers will stay for more than 4 hours at a time, such as hotels, airports, amusement parks, and more.  Best of all, this charging station enclosure is a fraction of the cost of Level 2 stations on the market today!

Simply mount the enclosure on a wall, pole, or light post, and have a licensed electrician install a 15 amp dedicated service line to the enclosure’s electrical outlet.

Our Level 1 charging station is a simple and effective way to provide electric vehicle charging.  Other chargers employ an expensive pay rate structure for charging, making the charger investment extremely hard to recoup.  With this method, businesses can choose to implement a parking fee structure using their existing invoice or accounting systems.  This greatly reduces complexity for both the charging station owner, as well as for the people using the charging stations.  However, many businesses choose to offer free charging, given the affordability of these chargers, as well as the extremely low cost of electricity.  See our FAQ section on our website to discover how inexpensive electric vehicle charging really is!

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Level 1 Charging Station?
A level 1 charging station is a location that has 120V power available for electric vehicle charging, via a standard 120V receptacle.  Level 1 charging stations utilize an electric vehicle owner's portable charging equipment that gets plugged into this receptacle to charge their vehicle.
The product that we offer includes this receptacle, and an enclosure to hold this portable charging equipment, that includes latches that allow it to be closed with a simple pad lock.  This prevents theft of the portable charging equipment, in addition to protecting it from rain and snow.
How is this better than a Level 2 charging station?
Level 2 power stations are 240V and higher power.  They can charge an electric vehicle faster than a Level 1 power station.  However, they are also very expensive.  In addition to the initial cost of the Level 2 station, they are often accompanied by software maintenance fees and transaction fees. These costs often make Level 2 stations prohibitive for many business owners.
The Level 1 charging station that we offer is a cost-effective alternative to Level 2 charging stations, for locations that do not require faster charging times.  This Level 1 station is geared towards commercial locations where electric vehicles would spend more than 4 hours charging.  For example, employers with employees working 4 hour shifts or longer, hotels that wish to let their guests charge a vehicle overnight, airport parking garages, amusement parks, and more.
Now your business can offer reliable and secure electric vehicle charging to your employees or customers at a fraction of the cost of the Level 2 stations!
Can I replace an existing outlet in my parking lot with this charging station?
Yes!  You may have existing outlets in your parking lot.  If this is the case, you may be able to simply remove that outlet and install one of these chargers in that location.  You should consult your electrician to ensure the outlet is already on its own dedicated breaker.  The outlet within the charging station enclosure is a standard receptacle that can be used for other 120V applications when the need arises (for example, powering an electric hedge trimmer).
Does the charging station require its own separate breaker?
Level 1 charging stations provide up to 12 amps to an electric vehicle.  As a result, each charging station should have its own dedicated 15 amp service and breaker.  Please consult your electrician for additional details.
But what if I want to install more than one of these in my parking area?
Your electrician can run a single service line to your parking area capable of the combined power needs of all the chargers that you would like to install.  Near the charging stations, a sub-panel would be installed that would then include separate 15 amp service lines and breakers for each charging station.  Please consult your electrician for additional details.

What does this charging station mount to?
The charging station can be mounted on walls, sign posts, light poles, or other objects.  Its enclosure can be drilled at the time of installation by your electrician or facilities personnel to fit whatever mounting needs you may have.
Can I order the charging station with my business logo attached?
Yes!  In addition to the standard reflective "Electric Vehicle Charging Station" signage that comes with the station, custom signage is also available for businesses wishing to show they are supporting electric vehicles by having their name on the charger.  Please contact us for quotes.
Level 1 Charging Station